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Proverbs on Blast is a blog by me, Tomi Daniel, hitting your inbox once a week on Tuesdays. It’s a place of reflection on PROVERBS from around the world and the gems they offer for personal and professional growth. These nuggets of wisdom have had tremendous impact in my life. I know you also can benefit from their ability to make you laugh, think, untie knotty situations, and speak less while being more memorable.

I’ll be scouring the world for proverbs to add to the ones I know. I’ll be writing my reflections in long form and short nuggets. Perhaps throw in a few graphics here and there too. Whatever will bring out the magic in each proverb, I’ll add.

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First, I want to hear from you. Share things like when you first heard about each proverb that you find here or if they’re new to you. Share what comes to mind when you think about the proverb in the post. What professional or life principles do they relate to? What memories or ideas do they evoke for you? How realistic and applicable do you find them to 21st Century wherever you live? What proverbs do you know that I don’t? Subscribe, connect, and let’s go on this wisdom quest together!

Secondly, I appreciate you supporting this blog. Your support allows me to focus on developing this wisdom project. Thank you for believing in the idea and being willing to walk alongside as it develops and grows. I am grateful, excited, a bit scared, and hopeful that we can build a community that spreads wisdom and clarity to others. Thank you!

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Reflections on proverbs from around the world and the wisdom they offer.


I am on a quest for wisdom and the personal and professional growth it aids. Proverbs on Blast blog is the space for my reflections on the proverbs and wisdom quotes I curate from around the world.