Wonderful and tender prompts for me personally today—having just had a parent die to the ravages of dementia. Metaphorically speaking, in other words, a pretty big broken leg. But I love the word resilience—when I was an educator, we studied our children deeply, especially our children of trauma, and discovered so many had deep wells of resilience within, they just needed skills, strategies, and tools to access it turning PTSD into post-traumatic growth. Just like the centipede’s molting to begin forming a new leg, just like teaching strategies to kids from trauma, leaning into the pain of grief of a loved one’s death is a process; and just like you write so beautifully Tomi, one need not suffer because of the pain. The pain is there, absolutely. In life, there is always going to pain. One only needs to experience it fully, lean into it, learn from it, and begin healing. That, or molt.

Then, suffering becomes optional. Can’t wait for the next Proverb—they seem to come, thematically, at just the right time.

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This is great notivation! Keep moving forward. A setback should be followed by a comeback.

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