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I love this one ❤

we don't have such proverb in arabic cultures, but in religion we have the exact same meaning.

We think about all blessings in our life and thank god for that. Even regular daily habits like breathing, walking, hearing, being well and such small actions is actually very importent and very essentially.

Atcully we have a proverb that means " we can not see the blessings becaue we get used to it" we think it is rights but actually it is blessings ❤

In my religion god say if you think and thank these blessings you have you will have more 🌸

I am gratfull for health, family, kids and friends.

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Grateful to be able to think and listen to the still small voice, then give thanks for God’s love and blessings each day of life

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Wow! This message makes me truly thankful for my family, friends, health and safety.

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Tomi, you directed me here as a prompt to share a post that you were particularly proud of—and I can see why. You had me at the word gratitude! As I journey alongside my father on his Journey Home, each day has been a day to practice deep gratitude. Your words here, especially as it takes me back to Thanksgiving (perhaps my favorite holiday), come at exactly the right time. And I LOVED learning the history and cultural significance of Nigerian hats. You are an EXCELLENT writer and I am so happy we met in a different space. Thank you for this offering—I look forward to reading more of you.

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